Sapfofest, Lithuania: video and photos

Sapfofest is a queer summer festival that takes place at the Žeimiai manor house near Janova in Lithuania. We recently travelled to play a concert on Saturday night. Sapfofest is the first independent community-initiated festival in the Baltics, which seeks to empower & connect the queer community. It was a long trip for us and 16 month old GG – however it was really worth it for the beautiful and friendly festival and tbh our gig rocked and we were buzzing afterwards!

Here are two short videos taken from social media of the songs “I Do Everything” (from our album Stop Talking) and “Under The Neon” (vinyl single). I Do Everything has been a live favourite, maybe it’s time for a music video…

The start of our song “I Do Everything” from #sapfofest, from Aušra K! Such a cool and fun crowd 😘😘😘

Ein von You’re Only Massive (@youreonlymassive) gepostetes Video am

Under the Neon from last night’s concert. 🐅 thanks @oniponioniponi for the video 💖

Ein von You’re Only Massive (@youreonlymassive) gepostetes Video am

Here are some photos from Paulina Drėgvaitė, reproduced with kind permission.

sapfofest, lithuaniasapfofest, lithuaniasapfofest, lithuaniasapfofest, lithuaniaShout out to Sam Dale for babysitting GG so we could practice in our brand new practice space!

We would love to tell you more about our FLTQI (women, lesbian, trans, inter and queer) centred practice space and collective which opened this year. Until then, a short description from the Ruby Tuesday website:

A new practice room collective in the rooms below Bei Ruth, Neukölln. FLTI* centred. Organised in a non-hierarchical manner and financially accessible. A shared space for workshops, practicing, learning from each other, having fun and making art and music; a place for sharing resources and skills.

Want to listen to our album Stop Talking? Check it out here.