Blog Post: International Women’s Day – Ireland under Abortion Prohibition

Blog post to accompany the new single, Breeder.

I find it hard to articulate what it’s like to grow up as a woman in Ireland under abortion prohibition. A (post-colonial) country that is ready to export it’s women (the ones that can afford it / have the legal status that allows them to do so) to the UK to have abortions there. That likes to pretend Irish abortion doesn’t exist. I watch the news, read the newspaper since I was a child and it doesn’t make any sense – members of Catholic institutes posing as “teachers”. Wat?

I stopped reading the newspaper. You have to get on with life. The case of Savita Halappanavar, entirely outrageous on it’s own terms, opens up wounds of anger and rage. I can’t call them pro-life anymore, not after this.

And when I watch thousands of people marching for women’s human rights in Ireland – it takes my breath away. Setting our sights higher than just life and death situations but towards actual choice. Fighting for self-determination and to burn down the hell they have created. Yeah! We’re gonna take overrrrrrrr!

Women and trans*people are humans too. The Irish constitution (Article 40.3.3) denies that when it refers to pregnant women as “mothers”. Women are people, first and foremost! I’m a person, I’m not a breeder!!!

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Berlin Vigil and Protest Outside the Irish Embassy

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  1. This makes me sick + frankly embarrassed. The State is blatantly abusing women’s human right to make safe / informed decisions about what happens in/to their own bodies. I am not a breeder.

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