Postcards from Ireland!

Hi there! I’m in Ireland, where I’ve visited a potential location for the girls* rock! Ireland music project in Dublin, been chilling with my family in Waterford and been getting to know the newest member of the family in Cork. Not to mention the fact that John, Dave’s dad, was featured singer at the singers club in Cork on Sunday. I think you could call this a summer holiday as the weather has been fantastic – just wish I had gotten to see some grrrlfriends too. Here are a few snaps! Xo

P.S. back to Berlin tomorrow – and then we are getting ready to play Antifee in G√∂ttingen on Saturday 8th June, on the same night as some bands like Respect My Fist (band crush alert), Jolly Goods and Crime! It’s gonna be the bomb!







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Maebh Murphy grew up in Waterford, Ireland and lives in Berlin, Germany. As a teenager, she participated in outreach programmes by Waterford Youth Arts and developed a taste for writing, acting, directing, dance and theatre. At Trinity College, Dublin she studied English Literature and Drama Studies. In 2006 she was a founding member of the "audiodetour" project, making mp3 choreographed audio guides in Dublin, Edinburgh, Berlin and New York. In 2007 she formed the band You're Only Massive, who have released several records on vinyl, cassette and itunes and played concerts in Europe and North America. Since 2011 she have been working with Ruby Tuesday e.v. Berlin as a band coach, instrument coach and organizer of music camps for people discriminated against on the basis of gender, and is currently in the process of setting up Girls* Rock! Ireland. She is a catalyst of Project Arts Centre, Dublin. Interests include electronic music, synthesizers, feminism, classism, the girls rock movement and veganism.

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  1. Congratulations on your new niece or nephew! (Sorry, I’m rubbish at guessing). I see Dave’s gone all out in his celebrations & not only sported a soft purple velvet number for the babe, but also made the rather extravagant ‘Flock of Seagulls’ look above. Good times were had by all! ^_^

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