Midi Grrrl: Winter / Thin Ice / Recording a new song “Breeder”

The fact that it gets dark so early makes me feel jet lagged. After our last gig in Krakow, I picked up a cold that turned into a chest infection and spent a week in bed. The darkness has been quenching my energy. But there is also some sort of new patience. Everytime I make it out of the house is a triumph!

Click here to listen to the song Thin Ice. Sticking it to Lord Winter!

maebh-running-tempelhof berlin studio you're only massive

Running around Tempelhof

midi-grrrl vienna berlin winter art writing snow logo

Midi Grrrl

dave-yard berlin snow winter studio kreuzberg

snowman-tempelhof berlin winter december christmas music

Snowcave melting in Tempelhof

One thing I suddenly have increased patience for is cooking and making my apartment cosy.

tomato tarte vegan pie winter food recipe

Cherry Tomato Tarte

churchill quote winter christmas decoration berlin kreuzberg

Christmas Tree Decoration with Winston Churchill quote: I like pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals.

The other is playing synth (I love tinkering with synth sounds but find it hard to do the necessary drills). Illness and ennui and this (seeming) constant darkness are forcing me to slow down. Is this hibernation? How on earth am I supposed to get through the next two months till spring?

New synth novation midi controller

Fresh out of the box!

Doepfer Dark Energy synth modular analogue

Doepfer Dark Energy

modular synth analogue schneiders buero berlin

trip to schneiders buero

modular synth analogue schneiders buero berlin kreuzberg

sweet analogue action! <3[/caption] For the first time in forever, after months of turds that will never see the light of day, an interesting song is happening - and I'm recording it. It even has a title - "Breeder". It's pro-choice, but it's personal. I've laid some tracks down (beat, synth, vocals) and the next step is to mix it and get it mastered. [caption id="attachment_423" align="alignnone" width="584"]Recording pre amp equipment gear audio interface ableton Recording some audio.

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