Recipe // Little Vegan Snowballs

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These little vegan snowballs are super easy and quick to make and pleased not only my palate, but that of DM’s. And the only ingredients are dates, ground almonds and coconut.

If you are from Ireland or the UK (and maybe elsewhere) you might know snowballs as a Christmas treat – a coconut covered chocolate ball with this white filling that was a) delicious b) disgusting c) mysterious. Well if your frame of reference with regards to coconut is as limited as mine (I think coconut milk was the first nut milk I heard of and I remember thinking – coconut cows?) then these are a little bit like snowballs. Yeah?

I don’t use measurements as much as I should I’ve just gotten so used to working with consistencies.


Ingredients: dates, ground almond, dessicated coconut.

Wash your hands. Take about two handfuls of dates. Remove the stone and chop them quite finely. Blend with about the same amount of warm water until you have a porridge-like consistency. Stir in roughly the same amounts of ground almond and dessicated coconut until the mixture has firmed up and stays on the spoon.

Fill a bowl with dessicated coconut. Roll the mixture into a little ball. Then roll the ball in the coconut bowl so that it is completely covered with dessicated coconut. Pop it into your mouth. Isn’t that delicious?

Continue rolling the mixture into little balls and covering with coconut. It works best if you place the little balls on a flat board but a big plate will do aswell. Place in the fridge to chill before eating.

Let me know how you get on!